About Us

A simple, transparent, confidential, efficient and cost effective approach to recruitment

We believe that in any recruitment exercise, the most important stakeholders are the job seeker and the potential employer, but often they are relegated to the background by recruiting agencies and consultants.

Without meaningful control over the process and in the absence of actionable information or useful tools, the job seeker could be blindsided
or the potential employer could be sold a pipedream by a recruiter that did not add any real value.

At its heart, RecruVia is a marketplace that aims to remove the intermediary and bring the job seeker and the potential employer into direct contact on a platform where they can market themselves in their own words and to each other.

RecruVia is also a tool for the job seeker and potential employer to efficiently and easily create,manage and analyse data and track progress of applications / positions on a real time and transparent basis.

We believe RecruVia puts the power of information and process management into the hands of the people who really matter, while not colouring any opinion or judgment with a recruitment agency’s inherently conflicted views/suggestion – the platform only intelligently but impartially streamlines the potentially overwhelming flow of information.

We trust that our peer professionals, both as job seekers and as employers, are more than capable of making the right decision if empowered with the right information and tools. Learn more about how RecruVia works and its features by watching this video or reading the FAQ.

RecruVia is being built passionately by a group of Indian legal and IT professionals who have big dreams about the potential of this online recruitment marketplace. Having said that, we are acutely aware that the current platform is in its infancy and we welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have drop us a note.

Thank you for your patience as we continuously work hard to make RecruVia work better for you.

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