A head hunter once called to ask if I might be interested in a particular job opening – the role appeared to be exactly what I was looking forward to and so I jumped at the opportunity. He said that the organization was looking to move forward very quickly, and that suited me.
While the level of information was scant the nature of the opening was such that it was somewhat understandable. So I went ahead and spent some serious time in preparing my cv and covering letter and sent it across to the head hunter in quick time. Complete silence for one week – not even an acknowledgement of receipt. I followed-up 2 or 3 times and received a cryptic 1 liner – it’s in process.

8 weeks, 24 follow-ups and 8 cryptic uninformative updates later, he finally found the time to speak to me. Of course there were no apologies regarding the tardy responsiveness or lack of updates. He simply told me that I would receive a call on “x” day between 2 to 6 pm; I simply had to remain available and there was very little flexibility around timing, etc. – not sure whether that was a function of the employer or the recruiter simply avoiding back-and-forth, but the lack of communication meant that there was no way to find out!

Even at this stage he had very little to add in terms of the organization’s thought process around this job opening and he didn’t have any substantial insights into what I could do to put my best foot forward. The interview happened and I thought it went off pretty well, but I didn’t receive any feedback from the head hunter for the next 2/3 weeks, despite multiple follow-ups.

Nearly 3 months from when I received the first cold call from the head hunter, I receive another call - the organization was interested in hiring me, but they would want to discount some of my experience and hire me at a lower level. Before I could process the information, he added that he had simply rejected that proposal on my behalf (but without checking with me).

As you would imagine, I was perplexed and disappointed and had a number of questions… he, however, didn’t have time or answers.

Till date I’m unaware of when my cv was actually sent to the employer, how it was presented, what the interviewers thought of me, why they wanted to discount my experience and above all, why I was not kept fully informed of the whole process.

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