Recruiting talent is one of the most critical aspects of any organization’s functioning and business. The importance of hiring right is further accentuated when talent is your organization’s biggest asset – such as a lawyer in a law firm.

Equally, working for the right organization is critical to an individual’s career growth; and general well-being.  The importance of finding the right fit is further accentuated when you work in relatively lean teams of similarly skilled professionals.

As an employer, to hire the right talent you need to be able to:

    identify and reach out to the right talent pool;

    communicate your exact requirements and expectations;

    demonstrate why your organization is an apt choice; and

    effectively sift through the plethora of applications and find the right match for your organization.

As a job seeker, to find the right organization, you need to be able to:

    discreetly and confidentially identify job opportunities;

    receive and process the best possible information regarding potential job opportunities;

    apply for the roles you really like;

    effectively communicate why you are the best fit for the job; and

    stay on top of all developments.

It is certainly not easy to secure all of these abilities, which is what makes recruitment/job search.

Larger/sector agnostic job sites and professional networking sites have so much information that the niche legal profession can often feel snowed under an information overload.  Traditional recruitment agencies [have their own limitations in terms of lack of control, transparency, etc]

In such a situation, RecruVia aims to provide you with all the relevant abilities to simplify and energise the job hunt/recruitment process.

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